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Armytek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50 Magnet USB Warm

Additional Information

EAN/GTIN  8438493105247
Brand  Armytek
ANSI Lumen 1,790.00
Flashlight needs  16340 battery, 18650 battery, CR123A battery
LED type  XHP50
LED colour  Neutral/Warm
Flashlight type  Headlamps

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Armytek Wizard Pro v3 / Silver XHP50 LED

Maximum output: 2150 LED lumen

Powered by one 18650 Li-Ion

A free Armytek 3200mAh li-ion 18650 battery is included
Water resistance standard: Armytek claims ipx8, in our experience this is not true. So do not go swimming with it. It should survive when it is raining.

- 11 output levels: 3x firefly modes, 3 main modes, 2 turbo modes, 3 strobe modes
- Battery over-discharge protection circuit for unprotected batteries
- constant brightness also in Turbo mode, regardless of frost and low battery voltage
- programmable modes
- firefly micromode with ultra-long runtime
- built in high-temperature indication
- strong and easy to remove lanyard

We have tested it and it seems that all previous bugs have been solved by Armytek.

It is obvious that the Wizard Pro will get very hot when it is producing 2150 LED lumen. So after some time it switches down to 1150 LED lumen. It will still remain quite hot in this lower mode.

When starting on 1150 LED lumen the Wizard will stay there for about an hour and then switch down to main mode 1. At that time it will be quite hot. In main mode 1 it will cool down nicely. So the heat protection is for preserving the LED lifetime and not so much for protecting your fingers.

Armytek highly recommends NOT to use CR123A batteries as a power source for often and continuous flashlight’s operation.
Remember that old or low-quality disposal batteries can be damaged under heavy load and explode. The Wizard Pro needs a battery can deliver at least 7A.

Manual is included in the box

All Wizard Pro XHP50 Magnet USB now have the new plastic holder.

If you want a silicone holder, you can use the Zebralight H600 silicone holder. It is not a perfect fit, but good enough to function. Also attaching it to the Armytek headband is a bit more difficult, because the openings are smaller, but it can be done.

Additional Information


Take these values with a pinch of salt. Armytek does sometimes exaggerate a bit. Still the performance of this Wizard is stunning and it seems to be more reliable than previous models. Key Features Insanely Powerful Cree XHP50 LED 2150 LED lumen Free Armytek 3200mAh li-ion 18650 battery is included Beam distance 108 meters Extremely bright headlamp powered by one 18650 Li-Ion battery Compact size and small weight Multi-color LED indication Programmable settings to fit your needs Ergonomic design for comfortable use Side switch for easy operation TIR Manual can be found here: https://www.nkon.nl/sk/k/Wizard_Pro_v3_EN_Magnet_USB.pdf


Customer Reviews

Armytek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50 Review by steve
the flashlight is an all-rounder. i had to search for a long time and couldn't find a better flashlight like this one that meets my criteria. the only thing that is not so good is the holder. (Posted on 22-01-20)
I like it but bug after heavy use Review by radso
To say it first I never want to miss it!!!
I bought the lamp ( warm) about 1,5 years ago. and use it several times every day. The concept is perfect for me !!!
Although it only endured about 20 Minutes in turbo mode.or less iif there are high temperatures oustide idon't want to miss the lamp anymore.
After 1 year of use there is annoying bug.
Thee green light turns to orange and signalizes low battery and leaves the turbo mode.at about 60 % battery capacity. (battery charger) .
Even with the cold lamp you can't start the turbo mode..
But I found a solution for this bug. You only have to untighten the end cap and tighten it again.. Then it works as it should (Posted on 10-08-19)
Light has a new holder and can fall of anytime Review by Heiko
Bought my second Armytek Wizard. The old model came with a rubber holder which makes it impossible to lose the light.

The holder is a click-on type. It might be okay for camping or stuff like that but I go caving and touching or hitting a rock or the rope might kick the light off. And this is just dangerous for me.

Will try to get this exchanged to the old version .. or return the light.

What a stupid idea. Makes a good light useless for me. (Posted on 31-07-18)
Excelente Review by Héctor
Muy buena calidad de construcción ,la luz cálida creo que es la ideal, por que es la que mas penetra en las noches de niebla y lluvia.
Y soy instalador electricista, y para las averías y trabajos de instalación siempre la llevo en la maleta de herramientas.
Otra cosa muy buena es el ángulo de abertura de la luz, no hay efecto túnel .
Ya se la he recomendado a varias personas.
Se calienta un poco, pero claro son 1800 lm durante 1 hora, en un tamaño muy contenido, eso le aporta un gran valor.
Very good construction quality, the warm light I think is the ideal, because it is the one that penetrates most in the nights of fog and rain.
And I am an electrician installer, and for the breakdowns and installation work I always carry it in the tool case.
Another very good thing is the opening angle of the light, there is no tunnel effect.
I have already recommended it to several people.
It heats up a bit, but of course it's 1800 lm for 1 hour, in a very contained size, that gives it great value. (Posted on 22-03-18)
2 Tage Lieferzeit nach Deutschland! Schönes warmes LED Licht! Review by Levitation
Geliefert wurde die Lampe unheimlich schnell nach Deutschland! Deshalb bin ich neuer Kunde bei eu.nkon.nl und werde auch in Zukunft dort bestellen.

Die XHP50 Warm Lichtfarbe liegt zwischen Warmweiß und Neutralweiß. Bin zufrieden mit dieser Lichtfarbe. Die Natur, Umgebung und Objekte sehen mit Warmweiß viel natürlicher aus, als Kaltweiß oder Neutralweiß. Mit Kaltweißem Licht hatte ich immer ein gestresstes empfinden nachts im Wald, mit Warmweiß Licht wird man relaxter und fühlt sich weniger gestresst. Neutralweiß ist noch okay wenn man ZB im Büro arbeitet, aber von Kaltweiß bekomme ich eher Kopfschmerzen und fühle mich gestresst.

Die Armytek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50 Warm Magnet USB - ist ein Alleskönner.
Stirnlampe, Armbandlampe, Klemmlampe und Magnetlampe in einem.
Turbomodus OHNE DAUERDRÜCKEN des Buttons!!!
Regelt im Turbomodus minimal runter und geht immer wieder sehr schnell auf maximal hoch.
Man merkt bzw. sieht das automatische rauf und runter regeln kaum.
Hält mit Samsung 3000mAh Akku im Turbomodus eine komplette Hunderunde = über 1Std.
Benötigt nur 1x 18650 Akku, ein Fenix ARB-L 18-3500U Micro USB Akku passt auch in die Armytek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50.
Die Edelstahl Gürtel Klemmhalterung zum dran stecken an die Lampe, verkratzt mit der Zeit das schwarze Alugehäuse. Für mich ist das kein Negativer Punkt. Ich bin sehr froh das die Klemme aus Edelstahl gefertigt wurde. Hatte mal eine aus Plastik und die ist sehr schnell gebrochen. Dann lieber aus Metall und Benutzungsspuren. Wird sowieso Outdoor verwendet, muss kein Schönheitswettbewerb gewinnen. Der Lampenkopf wird im Turbomodus heiß, aber das ist ganz normal bei LED's die eine hohe Lichtleistung liefern müssen.

Für mich eine absolute Kaufempfehlung. Ich benutze die Lampe hauptsächlich im Turbomodus, muss aber ab und an zurück schalten weil der Turbomodus für manche Strecken (nähe Straße) zu hell ist bzw. Autofahrer blenden könnte.
Delivered the lamp incredibly fast to Germany! Therefore, I am a new customer at eu.nkon.nl and will continue to order in the future.

The XHP50 warm light color is between warm white and neutral white. I am satisfied with this light color. The nature, environment and objects look much more natural with warm white than cold white or neutral white. With cold white light, I always had a stressed feeling at night in the forest, with warm white light one gets more relaxed and feels less stressed. Neutral white is still okay when you work in the office, but of cold white I get more headache and feel stressed.

The Armytek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50 Hot Magnet USB is an all-rounder.
Headlamp, bracelet lamp, clamp lamp and magnetic lamp in one.
Regulates in Turbomodus minimally down and goes again and again very fast to maximum high.
You can see or see the automatic up and down control hardly.
Keeps with Samsung 3000mAh battery in Turbomodus a complete Hundredund = over 1hrd.
Requires only 1x 18650 battery, a Fenix ​​ARB-L 18-3500U Micro USB battery also fits into the Armytek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50.
The stainless steel belt clamp to the turn to the lamp, scratches the black aluminum case over time. For me this is not a negative point. I am very glad that the clamp was made of stainless steel. Had a plastic one and that is broken very quickly. Then rather metal and usage traces. If outdoor is used anyway, no beauty competition must win. The lamphead is hot in turbomodus, but this is quite normal for LED's which have to deliver a high light output.

For me an absolute purchase recommendation. I use the lamp mainly in the turbomodus, but must switch back and forth because the Turbomodus is too bright for some routes (near road) and / or. (Posted on 20-08-17)
Top Review by Nicolas P
Order 27 july 13h15, recieved 28 at 15h00

Top !!! (Posted on 29-07-17)
Bardzo fajna latateczka - Very cool flyer Review by Marek
Polecam swieci jak pojebana bardzo solidna czuc w reku ze produkt z wysokiej połki za te kase super sprawa
I recommend shine like fucking a very solid hand in hand with a high end product for those kase super affair (Posted on 29-05-17)
magnet Review by user2
Magnet is bad thing is you want to put a flashlight in your pocket. (Posted on 17-05-17)
cliper Review by user
1. The cliper/clip doesn't fit at all. I will buy a clip from others flash lights.
2. Small paper for instructions, impossible to understand how to build the headmount.
3. Headmount is unfinished. For that price I suppose to get a headmount ready for use.
4. It's very complicated use of one button for 100 operations. And they use Pess&Hold function to go to next mode, and just press to turn off.
I have nitecore hc30 and hc30 is very easy to use.

+ NKON: very fast delivery.
(Posted on 17-05-17)
Great light Review by Pascal
This is now one of my favorite lights.
I like its very floody beam pattern and the sheer amount of light compared to the size is amazing!
The anodization is also nice but I fear it might wear of after some time because the finish is very velvety.

I prefer warmer tints but this version is very warm!

In conclusion: I would buy this light again (with less warm tint) and would recommend it. (Posted on 26-04-17)
Good flashlight Review by Mikhail
Everything is fine, only the length is not 101mm, but 110.5 mm (Posted on 06-04-17)
a great product for many activities - un ottimo prodotto per tante attività Review by alessandro De Santis - Guide Speleo FVG
Great product!
Powerful, excellent for photos in the dark cave, good length, strong and accurate construction.
Compared to Other Similar, not close the light beam sharply but blurs the light gradually.
Very Comfortable the magnetic connection with the USB plug. Excellent battery included, battery life at maximum intensity, good.
It Outputs a great color and natural light.
Perfect for each caving use, solid and well-built attachment to the helmet, but the lamp if bumped can detach easily from the fork.
I suggest to buy at least another battery of the same capacity.
Excellent also for night search in rescue situations, good lights a rock wall which is 100 mt.
With the right handlebar anchor could be great lamp for night cycling.
excellent service offered by NKON!

ottimo prodotto!
Potente, ottima per le foto al buio e in grotta, buona durata, costruzione solida ed accurata.
Rispetto ad altre lampade simili, non chiude Il fascio luminoso in maniera netta ma sfuma la luce gradualmente. Molto comodo l'attacco magnetico con la presa USB. Ottima la batteria inclusa, durata della batteria alla massima intensità, buona.
Emette un colore della luce ottimo e naturale.
Perfetta per ogni uso speleo, solido e ben costruito l'attacco al casco, ma la lampada se urtata può staccarsi facilmente dalla forcella.
Suggerisco di Acquistare Almeno Un'altra batteria di pari potenza.
Ottima anche per la ricerca notturna in situazioni di soccorso, illumina bene una parete di roccia alla distanza di 100 mt.
Con il giusto ancoraggio da manubrio potrebbe essere un'ottima lampada per escursioni notturne in bici.
ottimo il servizio offerto da NKON!

(Posted on 27-03-17)

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