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1 AAA Eneloop Z-tag - 750mAh

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EAN / GTIN  8438493102680
Weight - g  20
Brand  Eneloop (Panasonic)
Model  BK-4MCCE
Size  AAA
Battery chemistry  NiMH
Voltage  1.2V
Min. capacity - mAh 700.00
Typ. capacity - mAh 750.00

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Battery size: AAA
Battery Chemistry: NiMH
Rechargable battery
Voltage: 1.2V
minimum capacity in mAh: 750
Height: 44.5 mm
Diameter: 10.5 mm

Additional Information


Eneloop is one of the best rechargeable Ni-MH battery currently available. It can now be charged and discharged even up to 2100 times. After charging, up to 90% of the charge remains after 1 year of storage; and up to 70% of the charge remains after 5 years of storage. So, even years later the batteries are still charged. This in contrary to 2700+ mAh Ni-MH batteries, that often loose most of their charge within a couple weeks. Eneloop batteries are therefore a good option for devices that use low amounts of energy over a long period in time, such as remote controls. One of the main features of eneloop is the higher voltage level. Many applications switch off or show the low battery signal if the voltage is lower than 1,1 Volt. A traditional Ni-MH battery will lose its voltage constantly and runs under this critical level very soon. Eneloop batteries however will keep the voltage level over 1,1 Volt for a long time. This makes sure that the flash of a photocamera is ready for the next photo sooner than with most other rechargeable batteries. And much faster than when you use Alkaline (primary) batteries. Another great advantage of eneloop is its good performance at low temperatures. Especially when temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius will Eneloop batteries perform better than the competition. You can charge Eneloop batteries with a normal Ni-MH battery charger.


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