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Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mAh - 10A

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EAN / GTIN  8438493099904
Weight - g  46
Brand  Panasonic
Model  NCR18650PF
Size  18650
Battery chemistry  Li-ion
Voltage  3.6V
Min. capacity - mAh 2,700.00
Typ. capacity - mAh 2,900.00
Battery version  Flat top
Discharge current - A 10.00
Circuit protection  Unprotected
Height - mm 64.95
Diameter - mm 18.10

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Battery Capacity (Mfg Nominal): 2900 mAh
Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion
Battery function: Rechargeable
Battery Form Factor: 18650
Battery Rated Voltage: 3.6 V
Brand: Panasonic
Depth: 18 mm
Height: 65 mm
Width: 18 mm
Weight: 46 g
Model: MH12210

Production date: January 2017

Additional Information


1x Panasonic NCR 18650PF 18650 3.7V 2900mAh Datasheet


Customer Reviews

Dependable Review by Fu$ion
Running a 1500W bike at 26Amps on a 14S 5P battery.

I have built 3 Batteries with these cells, best value considering the price jump if I move to 3000mAH or more. (Posted on 16-11-20)
Excellent product! Review by Orfeas
Although it's 'Rank C' (Not the best quality batch), I ordered 188 of them and there were no faults. All of them in perfect condition! Charging them on my specialized charger proves they are of the claimed capacity. Also, delivery to UK within 2 working days is just the best! Thank you very much for this! (Posted on 30-06-20)
Хотелось бы по свежее Review by Valerii
Впервые для себя заказал аккумуляторы PANASONIC NCR18650PF. Доставка в Украину за 2 недели. Первое, что немного огорчило, так это то, что аккумуляторы пришли с датой производства февраль 2018г. Дата конечно не очень свежая, поэтому при разряде-зарядке аккумуляторов током в 1А до 2900мАч не дотянул ни один аккумулятор. Среднее значение 2800-2830мАч.
For the first time I ordered PANASONIC NCR18650PF batteries for myself. Delivery to Ukraine in 2 weeks. The first thing that upset me a bit was that the batteries came with a production date of February 2018. The date, of course, is not very fresh, so when discharging and charging batteries with a current of 1A up to 2900mAh, not a single battery lasted. The average value is 2800-2830mAh. (Posted on 14-05-20)
Ожидал большего Review by Vasilii
Купил 50 штук для изготовления батареи 10S5P 36В для своего электрического велосипеда. Понимаю, что пробег зависит от многих условий, но у меня 4 батареи одинакового типа из банок разных производителей и можно их сравнить в деле. С батареей из этих аккумуляторов пробег составляет около 25 км при условии помощи педалированием и скорости 30-35 км/ч. Для сравнения, аналогичная батарея из банок Sanyo NCR18650GA, купленных на NKON, даёт пробег около 35 км. Аккумуляторы BG INR18650-26R 2600 дают аналогичный пробег при меньшей заявленной ёмкости. При сильной нагрузке есть тенденция к проседанию напряжения, но в диапазоне около 4.0В работают стабильно. BMS отключает их при напряжении 3,5В. В целом за такие деньги бюджетный вариант.
I bought 50 pieces to make a 10S5P 36V battery for my electric bike. I understand that the mileage depends on many conditions, but I have 4 batteries of the same type from cans of different manufacturers and can be compared in practice. With a battery of these batteries, mileage is about 25 km, provided that pedaling and a speed of 30-35 km / h are achieved. For comparison, a similar battery of Sanyo NCR18650GA cans purchased on NKON gives a range of about 35 km. The BG INR18650-26R 2600 accumulators give similar run with the lower declared capacity. Under heavy load, there is a tendency to subsidence, but in the range of about 4.0V they work stably. BMS disconnects them at a voltage of 3.5V. In general, for such money, a budget option. (Posted on 11-04-20)
Angelo Review by Angelo Baete
Ordered +- 230 batteries and just as previous comment 2756 - 2830 mah most of them. Good price/value for this battery.

Discharge test at 10 amps made it pretty hot. 12-15 amps also possible. But i recommend 4 amps.

Charge test with regular lithium chargers did pretty well. None failed or broken. (Posted on 24-01-20)
looks like used. Review by televista
Since genuine Panasonic batteries are smooth from the top, these have markings from spot weldings, so my guess is that they propably are genuine but recycled, so they are taken out from an another system and sold cheap 2nd hand. Thats one reason why you see so much of fluctuations on their capacity or much lower than should. Real Panasonic cells can be charged +2k cycles and still they show reasonable capacity left. So cells can be sold 2nd time since there might still be left lot of capacity.
You can buy from eBay those green Panasonic cell covers so once damaged cells can be made look shiny new once the wrapping is renewed.
Since there is so much of rumours about the genuinity of the batteries, these sellers should be open about it and tell the truth. Untill then, buyers be aware ! (Posted on 19-01-20)
Okay Review by Paul
They do get a bit warm with sustained current draw no where near max. I think the 10a rating is absolute max and cell would probably be extremely hot. At about 7A they seem to work ok just warm. (Posted on 16-12-19)
whats wrong with the last 30 cells of samsung ncr18650pf Review by pat
in comparisson to the first 100 cells of these brand

my last order of 30 samsung pf cells gives me after testing these cells

a capacity of 2100 mAh

these cells get very hot while discharging with 1000 mA.

seems that my last order of 30 cells samsung ncr 18650pf

has faulty cells ... very disappointed !


(Posted on 12-07-19)
Not so great Review by Paul
Only been through about 7 cycles, drawing about 7A max per cell, but usually only about 5A. Results are the cells get pretty damn hot. and already 3 of the cells have completely failed, showing 0 volts. (Posted on 24-12-18)
review from cells after 1-2 months Review by Spiridon
Test range ,i get over 110km with speed on average of 20-25 km/h with citycoco scooter ,range from driving continous 45km and brake 1 h ,and driving again 45 km, next day over 20km driven ,and still some capacity left (Posted on 17-08-18)
great transaction Review by yves
Perfect transaction: very fast shipping and very good product.
Thanks (Posted on 21-07-18)
review from cells after 1 week Review by Spiridon
Test them , with citycoco scooter ,range over 90 km after 1 cicle
full speed and some torture acceleration and hills ,real battery ,thanks nkon ,keep the good work going on and on

will review again in 2-3 weeks after some other range test with some different speeds to see if range will increase more ,citycoco battery was 12 ah ,real capacity 8 ah, range 22 km full speed, 15-20 km about 30 km ,after this 1 cicly got over 75 km on max speed of the scooter about 32-35 km/h (Posted on 07-07-18)
Size,voltage,gramage real Review by Spiridon
Hi all
I bought 180 cel for a pack with 176 cell ,16s11p 60v 31.9 ah
All cell voltage from 3.50 to 3.53 ,weight 45 grame all ,size like specs ,i will review the cells in 1 month with range test for a citycoco electric scooter ,charging time at 2 amp/h ,temperature if they get any wormer after 2-3 h riding continous
Romanian buyer ,will update the review in 1 month max
And last shipping was from 11.06.18 to 14.06.18 only 3 days (Posted on 15-06-18)
Great battery for a good price point Review by Shoppinguin
Bought 150 pieces in two orders and sample tested for consistency. Even though the batches were of different age (about 3-5 months apart) the samples tested very consistent around 2850-3000mAh @1A CC charge/discharge. Even out of the box, the voltages very pretty much the same at around 3.45 - 3.55V. I used the cells to refurbish 3 electric bicycle batteries which had pouch type LiPos before and it all worked out very well. Even after a dozen cycles, there is no noteworthy drift. I've seen far worse on much more expensive cells. Spot welding works excellent. For the low price, these sure can't be beat. I'd definitely buy again! (Posted on 27-04-18)
Superb! Review by udo S. from Ostholstein
Bought 50 cells for Bike-Battery, worked well.
Bad BMS discharged whole pack during Wintertime down to 0.5 Volts per cell.
Wanted to put the Cells to the waste-bin, but tried to recharge one Cell (outside, would they explode???). Could be charged to 4.2 Volts. Put the Cell into a cheap AH-Tester with 0.5 Amps: it showed 3000 mAh!!! Tried it with all 50 cells: All of them are Working, no heating during Charging (typical for old cells...)
Amazing! (Posted on 20-04-18)
Best bang for the buck Review by Rusbear
Going into 3d season with these batteries in my wife's ebike. No issues whatsoever, still like new. (Posted on 07-02-18)
Best Japan battery for the price! Review by Kaminoreal
Ordered 98 pieces for 14s7p ebike battery, tested each one and are in the 2750-2900 mAh range, you can get max capacity only if you charge/discharge as per specs(do not recommend for long life).
Best Japan battery for the price!
Thank you NKON, I will buy more fore sure! (Posted on 15-09-17)
Very good Review by Alexey
for russian: Купил 30 штук данных аккумуляторов для сборки двух батарей формата 3S5P, для питания эхолотов Lowrance, свинцовые батареи не хочу больше применять. Емкость 2900 выбирал по цене (3400 оказываются дороже), емкость по измерения реальная, аккумуляторы произведены в январе 2017. Доставка почтой Германии 2 недели (фантастика!!!).

Bought 30 pieces of these batteries to build two batteries of format 3S5P,
to power the Lowrance fish finders, lead batteries no longer want to use.
Capacity 2900 chose the price (3400 be more expensive), the capacity of the measurement, the battery was made in January 2017. Delivery by mail Germany 2 weeks (fantastic!!!).
(Posted on 12-08-17)
Batteries Review by Tassos Vas.
I bought a few batteries Panasonic & Eneloop which of course were of premium quality.Most of all NKON is a seller that you deserve to deal with.
Excellent communication and fast delivery.Thanks NKON, I'll deal with you again. (Posted on 21-02-17)
Perfect ebike cell Review by Vladimir
Ordered 91 cells for 13S7P ebike battery (48V, 20,3Ah).
Shipping was very fast 3 days to Czech Rep. by DPD.
4 Cells were tested for capacity and they correspond to described 2900mAh (Discharged @ 1A down to 2,75V) with almost no deviation => HIGH QUALITY ORIGINAL CELLS:) Everything perfect....

I will buy again, thanks (Posted on 27-01-17)
Battery pack for ebike Review by Matjaz
i ordered 70 cells for 20 Ah battery. Shipping service is super fast! Very good costumer support. (Posted on 27-12-16)
Value for money Review by Jeroen
Nice cells, and good value for money! Swift shipping from Nkon, as always. (Posted on 24-11-16)
Blitzlieferung von 30 Zellen eines hervorragender Akku für Ebikes. Review by roadrunner66
Ich habe aus 30 Zellen einen Akku für mein selbst gebautes Pedelec zusammengestellt. Bisher komme ich ohne BMS aus, da keinerlei Drift zu beobachten ist. Es wurde eine Charge mit einheitlicher Spannung von 3,52 Volt geliefert.
I have composed of 30 cells a rechargeable battery for my self-built pedelec. So far, I have no BMS, since no drift can be observed. A batch of uniform voltage of 3.52 volts was supplied. (Posted on 12-09-16)
Love these cells Review by Lauri
Made massive Ebike triangle pack 22s18p (396 cells)
After 100 cycles still 100% left. (Posted on 09-09-16)
Panasonic NCR18650PF 3.7V 2900mAh-max drain 10A- very good batteries !!! Review by andrea
Panasonic NCR18650PF 3.7V 2900mAh--max drain 10A-- batteries very good !!!!! I am very satisfied!!. very good quality batteries !!! I recommend buying on NKON site, because respects what it promises !! thanks Nkon (Posted on 13-04-16)
Fiets accupack revisie in Ochten Review by Cristian Miuta
Panasonic NCR is the best 18650 battery cells in the world. Also Tesla car model S have the same, underfloor. With this kind of cells I perform the best e-bike revision ever. I have only happy clients ! Also NKON is the best company ever ! (Posted on 21-09-15)
Panasonic NCR18650PF 3.7V 2900mAh Review by DUBRAVKO
Installed 40 in ebike battery, 10P4S, output 10.6Ah (Posted on 26-05-15)
Review van 18650 PF cels Review by Drokz
Zeer goede prijs/kwaliteit cellen.
Heb deze gekocht voor mijn E-bike
cell config = 18S5P = 66.6V - 14.5Ah (965WH)
Very good price / quality cells.
Bought this one for my E-bike
cell config = 18S5P = 66.6V - 14.5Ah (965WH) (Posted on 11-05-15)
Perfect gor ebike batteries Review by Elvelor
Very good communication, fast delivery, no issue until now. Thanks (Posted on 02-04-15)
Tested very well Review by HacksRUs
Bought 32 of these tested them all for capacity with an original Imax B6mini (also form Nkon). Discharged @ 2A down to 3V these batteries average to 2749,4 mAh with stdev of 15,1 mAh. These are good highcap batteries, as can be expected. (Posted on 26-03-15)
Nice batteries Review by bgt
Installed 40 in a bottle ebike battery. Effective output @10A load is 2650Mah p/cell. (Posted on 25-03-15)
Enought for 30W Electronic Ecig mods Review by RuaDeS_xD
Perfect for 30W Ecig mods with 10A limitations. Maximum autonomy and power with Panasonic HRL safe...and very good price! (Posted on 27-02-15)
Panasonic NCR18650PF 3.7V 2900mAh Review by Uladzimir
Very good batteries. (Posted on 30-01-15)

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  • Li-ion batteries can be dangerous when used wrong, short circuit or wrong usage can lead to fire or an explosion
  • Do not put the battery in a charger or equipment with wrong terminals connected
  • Never short cut the battery. Take care you don’t short cut it accidentally, do not put it in your pocked together with bunch of keys
  • Do not disassemble or deform the battery. Dispose it if the battery is deformed
  • Do not immerse in water
  • Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration
  • Do not expose to, dispose of the battery in fire
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Never use a modified or damaged charger
  • Do not leave battery in charger over 12 hours
  • Store the battery in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area
  • Dispose of in accordance with local regulations
  • Do not solder on these cells