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CALB L194F130A Prismatic 130Ah - LiFePO4 - 3.2V B-grade

Additional Information

EAN / GTIN  7417940529998
Weight - g  2340
Brand  Calb
Model  L194F130A
Battery chemistry  LiFePO4
Voltage  3.2V
Capacity - Ah 130.00
Discharge current - A 130.00
Included  Busbars
Terminal type  M6
Height - mm 112.00
Width - mm 194.00
Thickness - mm 50.00

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Capacity: 130 Ah
Maximum discharge value: 1C (130A)
Size: 50 mm x 194 mm x 112 mm
This is a 3.2V Lifepo4 cell.
2000 cycles
bush bar included

Additional Information


B grade: damage to wrap possible, cells not matched, not advised for EV but fine for ESS projects.

bush bars included!


Customer Reviews

I'm satisfied Review by Oleksandr
Delivered to Ukraine in 18 days.
Well packed, well balanced ( imbalance ~ 0,003V betweet 4 pics), look like brand new. (Posted on 07-09-23)
Amazeballs! Review by Paddy
Flawless cells. Zero complaints. (Posted on 29-05-23)
Suuuperrrr! Review by Dmitrijus
I bought it six months ago, put it on a solar station, I am very satisfied.
Full capacity, the balance is excellent, what else do I need at a such good price? (Posted on 21-04-23)

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B-grade cells are cells usually did not qualify as A-grade by the manufacturer. This may be due to optical imperfections, higher self-discharge, lower capacity and/or higher internal resistance. Unfortunately manufacturers don't tell which aspects or aspects are the reason to mark a a specific cell as B-grade. We have sold several and get seldom negative feedback. We tested several eve B-grade and one had about 2% lower capacity, the other ones we did not find a difference with A-grade cells. We don't advise B-grade for high performance electric vehicles but for home energy storage they will work fine. In case you get one which performs significant less than the others like lower capacity, high self-discharge or fast wear we will replace it. Take care that we don’t put a lot of trust in a simple test of a single cell, if you buy 16 cells and you test them and they are all 6% lower than expected then your test gives to low results. If you buy and test 16 and 15 cells give you 100% and one cells gives 5% lower results then we will replace one. When we buy cells the cells are tested for voltage and internal resistance. Also a couple of every batch are tested for capacity, and if one gives less than 100% capacity we test the whole batch and discard the bad ones or don't buy the batch at all. Lot of seller in china buy B-grade cells, test them, even swap qr-codes and sell the good looking and performing as A-grade cells. We believe our B-grade cells are the same as lot of A-grade cells from China, including the well known resellers there with good reputation. We give regular warranty on these cells (at least 2 year).