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Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 3000mAh - 30A

Additional Information

EAN/GTIN  7417940525358
Brand  Sony / Murata
Battery size  18650
Battery chemistry  Li-ion
Battery  Rechargeable
Voltage  3.6 / 3.7V
Min. capacity in mAh 3,000.00
Battery version  Flat top
Discharge current 30.00
Lithium - Protection circuit  Unprotected
Height in mm 65.00
Diameter in mm 18.20

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Production date 2019.

Sony Murata 18650 VTC6
Battery Capacity (Mfg Nominal): 3000 mAh
Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion
Battery function: Rechargeable
Battery Form Factor: 18650
Note: Sony
Depth: 18.2 mm
Height: 65 mm
Width: 18.2 mm

Without protection circuit! Not for flashlights! Do not buy if you do not know what you are doing!

Additional Information




Customer Reviews

Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 3000 мАч - 30А Review by Vadim
Отличный товар! Поставил в мощный шуруповёрт. С китайскими с Али даже не сравнить сдохли за 10 мин. Китай в топку) Доставка 10 дней. Аккумуляторы свежие!
Excellent product! Put in a powerful screwdriver. They could not even compare with the Chinese with Ali in 10 minutes. China to the furnace) Delivery 10 days. Batteries are fresh! (Posted on 02-04-20)
Very powerfull batteri Review by Dmitriy
Excellent li-ion batteries! The best for rc drone and other power consumpting things. (Posted on 13-02-20)
Worthy Review by Vadim
Decent batteries.
The description is consistent.
All 12 pieces are identical.
Thanks. Very satisfied. (Posted on 11-01-20)
really good Review by Dominique
The best so far. Real new batteries with perfect customer service :) (Posted on 15-12-19)
5 Review by Hairon
Много читал отзывов о об этих АКБ, были и плохие и хорошие. Решил заказать. Пришли в Россию быстро за две недели. Долгая отправка. Сравнивал с VTC5, сразу бросилась в глаза другая накатка возле плюсового контакта и надпись VTC6 больше визуальных отличий не нашел. Тестил объем на OPUS C3100 v2.2 он составил 3150 mAh в среднем у 4х испытуемых. На моде жарят отлично. Проверить мощность не могу, нечем дать такую нагрузку. Мой вердикт отличные АКБ их стоит заказывать. Хотелось бы цену по дешевле))))
I read a lot of reviews about these batteries were good and bad. I decided to order. They came quickly in Russia for two weeks. Long shipping. Compares with VTC5, immediately rushed into the eyes of the other rolling-contact near the plus sign and VTC6 more visual differences were found. The dough volume on OPUS C3100 v2.2 it was 3150 mAh at an average of 4 subjects. In vogue are fried perfectly. Check the power can not, there is nothing to match the load. My verdict excellent battery they should be ordered. It would be cheaper for the price)))) (Posted on 15-12-19)
best cell of all for single 18650 flashlights Review by oeL
On 5A the cell will deliver about 0.1 - 0.15 V more voltage than the NCR18650GA making the VCT6 the best choice for single cell flashlight.
The higher voltage will give you more capacity in Wh resulting in a longer runtime. Flashlights that do not have a full flat regulation with one cell will stay on a specific brightness for a longer time. (Posted on 15-12-19)
VTC6 Review by Efendi_Kaptan
19 Aralık'ta sipariş verdim. 21 Aralık'ta kargoya verildi. 3 Ocak'ta elime ulaştı. Orjinal ürün, güvenilir satıcı. Teşekkürler.
I ordered on December 19th. Cargo was delivered on December 21st. The elite arrived on January 3. Original product, reliable seller. Thank you. (Posted on 15-12-19)
güvenilir satıcı Review by mehmet
Güvenilir satıcı, ürünler orjinal. Maillere ve sorulara dönüşler hızlı. Kargolama hızlı. (Posted on 15-12-19)
perfect Review by Eren
kargolandıktan 1 haftada teslim edildi (Posted on 15-12-19)
great job ! Review by Bugra
I bought more than 15 pieces from this website....
all of them are original... and good condition....
what I want special in the mail they did well.....
the customer services working great too ! they are so helpful !!!
so trustful website ! (Posted on 15-12-19)
The best batteries for e-cig Review by Rigo
i have made review for LG HG2 and Samsung 30Q both are very very good batteries and close with VTC6.But accord my opinion VTC6 is the best battery.It's not cause of 3120mAh,(real almost 2900mAh),has good level of discarge!I just one or half step over the other two batteries!
Thank Nkon for your prices and perfect time of delivery!! (Posted on 15-12-19)
They are excellent, durability, quality ... etc never run out..used in a mod of 4 batteries I last almost 1 week to 80 w, on the seller a real professional the first time there was a problem with the shipping and I quickly solve it , Super recommended and is the third time I buy here, in addition to the most economical and undoubtedly original site, a 10 for the web and the seller.
Son excelentes,durabilidad,calidad...etc nunca se agotan..usadas en un mod de 4 baterias me duran casi 1 semana a 80 w,sobre el vendedor un autentico profesional la primera vez hubo un problema con el envio y rapidamente lo soluciono,super recomendado y es la tercera vez que compro aqui,ademas del sitio mas economico y sin duda originales,un 10 para la web y el vendedor. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Good Review by Vladimir
all with a charge of 3.5 v
date of manufacture Nov 16 2016 (all)
very happy I use DNA250
waited from the time of the order of 27 days
thank you very much! :) (Posted on 15-12-19)
GR8 - THX4ALL - VTC6 AAA+++ Review by Paolo
GR8 - THX4ALL - batterie eccellenti, spedizione veloce ed impeccabile. Grazie :-) (Posted on 15-12-19)
Amazing!!! Review by periklis
After almost 1 month of usage these batteries perform amazingly.
The way i vape these batteries last me somewhat from 1 and a half day ~ 2 and a half days.
Previous pairs of vtc4 cannot compete with these ones.
I vape on a rx 2/3 at 45~65w on a 0.4ohm coils ss and i am so happy with their performance.
Values of batteries seems to be spot on.
If you want lasting batteries of good wuality these are the ones and this is the place to buy. Thank you NKON.
Minor mishandling of my order was handled almost immediately and eventually everything was sorted out.
(Posted on 15-12-19)
Sony Konion US18650VTC6 3120mAh - 30A Review by George
The best 18650 batteries so far...They are a little bit better than also excellent 30Q's or Hg2 (Posted on 15-12-19)
Superb Review by Marko
Best 3000 mAh battery that you can buy. Mooch recommends it over Samsung30Q over a slight margin. 20A continuous discharge means that you shouldnt use it above 60W. (or 120W in dual mod setup)

If you want to go to 75W (or 150W) use Sony VTC5a.

Samsung 30Qs are cheaper but those are better. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Super Produit Review by French Customer
Prix très raisonnable, de très bonne qualité avec une très grosse autonomie et une forte capacité de décharge ! Bref, Sony quoi ! Toujours au top. Je recommande fortement ce produit pour les box éléctro. Merci nkon.nl
Very reasonable price, very good quality with a very big autonomy and a strong capacity of discharge! In short, Sony what! Always on top. I strongly recommend this product for boxes electro. Thanks nkon.nl (Posted on 15-12-19)
great battery great service Review by overkill
my third pack from nkon, always arrive in bombproof packaging, prompt, gotta be a tossup with the other sony for the best retail battery. (Posted on 15-12-19)
very good Review by Jose
Nkon la mejor tienda y los mejores productos a precios razonables,la Sony funciona bien con mi linterna con driver fet y xpl2,quito 8 amperios,con NCR ha 6
Nkon the best store and the best products at reasonable prices, the Sony works well with my flashlight with driver fet and xpl2, remove 8 amps, with NCR has 6 (Posted on 15-12-19)
---- Review by Sergei Somik
The battery meets the specs.Good store.Fast shipping.Recommend! (Posted on 15-12-19)
good Review by Vladimir
buy for the second time here - happy
batteries fresh: April 27, 2017
all under 3.47 V (Posted on 15-12-19)
Best battery I've used so far Review by Xenor
This sony VTC6 is my all days batteries, it's performing really well and I'm only using regulated devices, so battery life is amazing, it's a really really great battery and Nkon's price and quality is really amazing.

Authentic, cheap, and one of the best 18650 on the market. Can't find something wrong with that. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Ok Review by Matteo
Ok (Posted on 15-12-19)
Klasse Batterie Review by Dieter S
Für meine E-Zig. einfach Klasse.
Genug Strom (mAH) um viele Züge zu machen. Die VTC´s sind neben den A123 und Eneloop´s meine erste Wahl je nach Verwendungszweck.
Ausserdem ist NKON ein perfekter Lieferant für alles was Akku´s betrifft.
Dieter aus .at
For my E-Zig. just great.
Enough current (mAH) to make many moves. The VTC's are next to the A123 and Eneloop's my first choice depending on the purpose.
In addition, NKON is a perfect supplier for everything that concerns battery.
Dieter from .at (Posted on 15-12-19)
Great Cell Review by Björn
Fast shipping as always from nkon to sweden. good packed and shows on arrival volt of 3,51V. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Rapide, excellent !!! Review by Dav. S
Bonjour à tous, voila une commande faite le 22 reçue le 30 sur Bruxelles ;)
Un emballage Parfait pour les transports et vraiment pas une griffe, un matériel de qualité pour mon plus grand bonheur.
Merci NKON pour le service et le soin.

P.s; elle fonctionnent pour un Smok GX350 ;p

Bien à vous
Dav. S
Hello everyone, here is an order made on the 22nd received the 30th on Brussels;)
Perfect packaging for transport and really not a claw, a quality material for my greatest happiness.
Thank you NKON for the service and care.

P.s; they work for a Smok GX350; p

Yours truly
Dav. S (Posted on 15-12-19)
Second review Review by periklis
After almost 8 months of daily usage i can only say that this site is legit and their products accurate and authentic.
The battaries are great, They have lost their first "shine" by 7~12% i am guessing. Still hitting hardish and last long. Depending on my vaping i get 1 ~1.5 day of usage but when i vape hardly i get about half to less that a day of usage.
RECOMMEND these batteries for sure. Great shop great batteries and their service ...outstanding really nice guyz and so polite.
I also bought an xtar 6 slot charger that is soooo nice works perfectly. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Best battery for regulated Review by Xyzan
I think this could be easily the best battery for a regulated device. Enough power and a really good battery life. For a mech, I'll suggest a vtc5a. Really fast shipping, cheap and reliable site (and they ship to Switzerland). Kudos to nkon! 10/10 will buy again. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Очень хорошие аккумуляторы! Review by Alexander
Отличные аккумуляторы для моего удовольствия парения.Шла посылка чуть меньше месяца (из-за погоды),хорошо упаковано.На момент получения заряд составлял 3,45v.Спасибо команде NKON! К покупке рекомендую,всем густого и вкусного.
Excellent battery for my pleasure vaprenii.Shla sending a little less than a month (because of the weather), well packaged. At the time of receiving the charge was 3.45v. Thanks to the team NKON! I recommend buying everything that is thick and tasty. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Куда уж лучше? Review by Alexey
Идеальные батарейки по цене/качеству.
Честные 3120mAh и 30А.
За 220 руб/шт - просто сказка.
Perfect batteries for the price / quality.
Honest ones are 3120mAh and 30A.
For 220 rubles / piece - just a fairy tale. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Sony Konion US18650VTC6 Review by viorel
best battery for a regulated device (Posted on 15-12-19)
excellent Review by Buzaev
I join myself to everything I said before. Thank you. (Posted on 15-12-19)
!00% Genuine Review by Ran
I tested these batteries with a power analyzer and found them to be 100% exact power mah and impedance as the discharge test graph on google (Posted on 15-12-19)
Отличные акк.! Review by Леонид
Сп асибо,магазину за качественные акк.!Характеристики соответствуют,заказывают не первый раз.Как всегда отличные акк.!!!
Sp aslo, the store for quality acc.! The characteristics correspond, order not the first time. As always, excellent acc. !!! (Posted on 15-12-19)
Отлично - Excellent Review by ENRIKO
Заказ сделал 18 апреля, получил 6 мая. Упаковка на 5, заряд 3,5 В, сопротивление 35-40 Ом, ёмкость соответствует, дата выпуска 6 ноября 2017г. Магазину- респект!
The order was made on April 18, received on May 6. Packing for 5, 3.5 V charge, resistance 35-40 Ohm, capacity corresponds, release date November 6, 2017. Store Respect! (Posted on 15-12-19)
excellent for my drone Review by bdureau
I have assembled 12 of them in a balanced 4S battery pack and it works really well with my hexacopter. It last longer than lithium batteries. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Still running after 1 year daily use... Review by Tommy V.
I bought this battery in August 2017. Now in July 2018 it is still running for a full day in my Eleaf iStick Pico.
I vape all day, but use it at low wattage (30W).
Definitely worth the money!! (Posted on 15-12-19)
Above all great customer care and service Review by ASC
The batteries are great for vaping, but my recommendation goes to the supplier. Even though the batteries are not shipped in any kind of rigid case, they are well protected and apart from a minor dent in one the batteries I ordered, they arrived in perfect condition. The supplier was always available to answer my questions. Big thanks to Nkon! Great customer service! Totally recommend! (Posted on 15-12-19)
Qualtité prix top Review by Yohan
RAS rien à dire sérieux rapide excellent site .... :)
RAS nothing to say serious fast excellent site .... :) (Posted on 15-12-19)
The best battery Review by alvaroshutter
He used these batteries for an electric vehicle battery pack and they have gone fancy. In addition to that, the shipment was fast and without problems.
A curiosity is that some battery I have lowered it to 1V and I have managed to revive them to 4.2V without a problem. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Très bon accus Review by Elno
Utilisé dans des mod méca et electro pour la vape. Au bout de deux ans ils fonctionnent parfaitement et n'ont perdu ni puissance ni autonomie.
Nkon toujours au top, emballage soigné, solide et super rapide.
Used in mod mecha and electro for the vape. After two years they work perfectly and have lost neither power nor autonomy.
Nkon always on top, neat packaging, solid and super fast. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Sony VTC6 Review by Dmitry
Заказ шел до г. Тюмень (Россия, Тюменская область) около трёх месяцев. Товар хорошо упакован доехал в целости и сохранности. Заказывал 8 элементов. Заряд 3.47-3.48В, внутреннее сопротивление 28-33 мОм.
The order went to the city of Tyumen (Russia, Tyumen region) for about three months. The product is well packed drove intact. I ordered 8 items. The charge is 3.47-3.48V, the internal resistance is 28-33 mΩ. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Отличные элементы! Review by Igor
Приобрёл элементы для сборки батареи 14S4P . С батареи легко снимаю до 40А в пике и 20-25А при постоянной эксплуатации. При этом элементы остаются прохладными . Просадка по току , тоже минимальная, что говорит о небольшом , внутреннем сопротивлении элементов.
Резюме: очень доволен!
I purchased the elements for assembling the 14S4P battery. I easily remove from the battery up to 40A in peak and 20-25A in continuous use. At the same time, the elements remain cool. The drawdown of the current is also minimal, which indicates a small, internal resistance of the elements.
Summary: very satisfied! (Posted on 15-12-19)
Top! Review by Seb
I bought two of them here 6 month ago, first NKON service/shipping/price/packaging, top !
I use these pair of VTC6 for vaping mainly in a HexOhm box mod but also in other box mod like electro or meca squonk mod, sub-ohm ~0,15 to 0,30Ohm resistance, they support 20AMP for some second without any problem, they can heat a little but they do the job.
I recharge them at 0,5A or 1AMP, I found at 1 AMP they seem "more charged".
No problem, they keep her originaly capacity. I can not really making mA/h capacity test but compared to my other LG HG2 or MXJO, it's like same things.
So in conclusion, really nice 18650 battery for a really nice price provided by NKON !
I advice them and project to buy some other. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Приятно удивлен Review by Yuriy
Заказ пришел за 10 дней. Это отлично.
Аккумуляторы теперь буду тут покупать.
Order came in 10 days. It is perfectly.
Batteries will now be here to buy. (Posted on 15-12-19)
отлично Review by Sergey
все соответствует (Posted on 15-12-19)
Все отлично! Review by Evgeniy
Все пришло, аккумы отличные, продавец отзывчивый, ВСЕ СУПЕР!
Everything has come, the batteries are excellent, the seller is responsive, ALL IS SUPER! (Posted on 15-12-19)
Супер аккумуляторы Review by Kirill
Аккумуляторы пришли за 8 дней. Отличный магазин. Аккумуляторы оригинальные сегодня тестировал, заряд держут идеально, просадки вольтажа нет, после нагрузки тёплые. Все отлично.
Batteries came in 8 days. Excellent shop. I tested the original batteries today, the charge is kept perfectly, there is no drawdown of the voltage, after the load is warm. All perfectly. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Bought two, they came at 3,5V with 23 and 26 mR Review by Josip
all looks good

p.s. used liitokala 500 to measure IR (Posted on 15-12-19)
Заказом очень доволен. Review by Vladimir
Пришло в Ростов-на-Дону за 20 дней, что хорошо, я считаю. За доставку доплачивал, трек-номер отслеживался. По внешнему виду и массе все отлично. Пока не использовал. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Original! Best battery for Vape mods! 5 star! Review by Igor
Best battery for Vape mods! 5 star! (Posted on 15-12-19)
For my E-Bike.... Review by Tina
I bought 50 of these cells and put them together to a 36 volt battery pack. The performance is perfect. Come with it 90 km without stepping. I can only recommend the batteries. Charge at peak only up to 40.5 volts and drain it to 31 volts. Absolute buy recommendation

(Posted on 15-12-19)
Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 3000mAh-30A Review by Владимир
Сегодня получил посылку 50шт Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 3000mAh-30A.Похоже на подделку.До этого заказывал 100 шт Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 3000mAh-30A у них качество было хорошее и по всем признакам похожи на оригинал. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Старые аккумуляторы Review by Alexandr
Последний раз прислали старые, выпущенные еще в ноябре 2017 года аккумуляторы Sony, а не Murata, хотя до этого присылали 2019 года выпуска.
Считаю что цена на них должна быть ниже.
Last time they sent the old Sony batteries, released in November 2017, not Murata, although before that they had sent the 2019 release.
I think that the price should be lower. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Старьё Review by Artem
Заказал 7 штук, 2 аккумулятора свежие, остальные двухлетней давности, но это пол беды. У АККУМУЛЯТОРОВ ВНУТРЕННЕ СОПРОТИВЛЕНИЕ 100 - 150 миллиомм!!! Это неприемлемо, должно быть около 30-40, а здесь 150!!! По отзывам пишут что Аккума хорошие, может я такой везучий. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Старые и мятые / Old and wwith tiger lines Review by Vladimir Valerievich
Заказал 67 шт, прислали все аккумы выпуска ноябрь 2017, и выглядят не очень - оболочка мятая и в неравномерных полосах. На фирменные не очень похоже. Вряд ли буду заказывать здесь еще.
Ordered 67 pcs, got all accu bats mnf Nov 2017, looks not good - skin not smuth and has tiger lines. It's not looks like legal manufactured. Not sure if I will order here any more. (Posted on 15-12-19)
Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 3000mAh-30A Review by Владимир
Получил посылку 50шт Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 3000mAh-30A.Похоже на подделку.До этого заказывал 100 шт Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 3000mAh-30A у них качество было хорошее и по всем признакам похожи на оригинал.Аккумуляторы 2017 года. (Posted on 13-12-19)

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