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XTAR X4 charger

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EAN / GTIN  6952918351405
Weight - g  419
Brand  Xtar
Power supply  EU plug (220≈230V)
Battery size (charger)  AA, AAA, 18650, 21700 / 20700 (unprotected), 21700 / 20700 (protected), 18650, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18490 & 18500, 26650, C
Battery chemistry  Li-ion, NiCD, NiMH
Charging slots  4
Extra functions  0V activation, Fast charger, Screen
26650 charging channels  2x 26650

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Fast charging LCD Li-ion / Ni-MH battery charger
• Great compatibility --- Apply to 3.6V / 3.7V Li-ion / IMR / INR / ICR, 1.2V Ni-MH / Ni-CD
• Innovative LCD display shows all the information you are looking for
• 0V activation function revives over-discharged batteries
• 5V USB output supplies power when you are outside and needs to charge your devices urgently.
• Charging in three stages (TC, CC, CV) ensures that batteries are optimally charged with minimal wear.
• Two input ports for both indoor and outdoor use
• Charging speed 2A

Included in the delivery:
- Charger
- Power cord (EU)
- Instructions

This is the new extended version suitable for 20700 and 21700 protected


Additional Information




Customer Reviews

After 2 weeks of usage Review by Adrian
As stated in previous review this charger is great. if you put in AA or AAA it recognise it automatically and on screen appears NiMh. it starts with 0,5 A to charge them then jumps to 1 amp. if 18650 inserted it recognises automatically. i put all other chargers in the boxes and stoped using them. this is the only charger in use now for all accus. (Posted on 30-05-19)
Very simple and nice. Maybe a little too simple Review by Adrian
Just received this charger. So far i haven't even finished fully charging first time 4 batteries. At 4 x 1 A it gets a little hot but i can still hold my hand on it - much cooler then Opus at the same load. when 4 batteries inside the screen indicates only 2 channels - 1 and 4 or 2 and 3 selectable from button. even it says it charges simultanuosly 1 amp on all 4 channels 1 and 4 charges a little faster then 2 and 3. it is a simple charger that does its job and nothing more. nothing to select - not even charging current, lightweight, a little big - bigger then opus and everything is inside incl source - so no external transformer like by most chargers. i will buy a more advanced one but i like this one very much for daily use. 5 stars not because it is the best charger ever seen but considering the price of ~21 euro it is great. (Posted on 13-05-19)

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Do not try to charge lisoci2 cells (like saft ls14500 or tadiran sl-760) this are not rechargabel cells and will explode if you charge them